Our Tips For Making The Most Our Of Your Kitchen Space

When you have limited space in your kitchen, and you need storage space for everything the mammoth task of finding a home for every item can be daunting. If you have recently bought a home which you are renovating or you are revamping your current kitchen, we are going to provide you with our tips for making the most out of your kitchen space.

Mirrored Splashback

By having a mirrored splashback in your kitchen, you can add light and create the illusion of extra space in your kitchen. Silver mirrored splashbacks look fantastic in the majority of kitchens as they usually complement your colour scheme. Often you may find that a bronze or grey tinted splashback is what you need to add that extra pop of colour and WOW factor to your kitchen. When you have a long stretch of kitchen counters and worktops a dark colour can often make the space feel more closed in creating a negative effect on the kitchen.

Smart Shelving

Open shelves have become increasingly popular over recent years for several reasons. You are able to see exactly what you have without creating an overhead bulky look with cabinets. The bare shelves can complement the brighter coloured walls you have in your home. Not only can they create a simple yet elegant look they can also add a modern approach to your kitchen.

Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is the key to creating a seemingly larger kitchen space. The more light there is in the kitchen the bigger it will make it feel. Of course, for many, natural light is more preferable but for some this can be quite difficult as they may live in a built up area, or their garden is shaded due to the surrounding area/ environment. Using lights underneath cupboards, or at the base of floor units will light up the room creating a more spacious illusion. Spotlights are also an ideal option for maximum light.

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