Building Matters

Building Matters! Our surrounding environment can be aesthetically pleasing with carefully considered materials and designs. New buildings can sit comfortably with traditional structures establishing a sense of ‘place’. Building work is costly and mistakes can be expensive.

Cost, time and quality will always conflict at some stage in a project. If the cost plan is realistic you are in control of the project – if not it can get control of you. To manage this we recommend:

• Preparing a good cost estimate early in the design process and reviewing this as the design proceeds

• Facing up to project risks and carrying out investigations well before work starts on site

• Allowing enough time for the design development so that everything can be chosen and finalised before tendering

• Avoiding late design changes – these can cost more in disruption than the cost of the work itself. In these ways and others we will help throughout the project to manage cost so that the project comes in on budget.

Building matters in an internal courtyard planted with weeping pears

An internal courtyard with low level planters for seating planted with evergreen weeping pears