Architects in Durham – What’s Trending in Architecture?

At William Gray we are experienced architects in Durham and architecture is everywhere, in any village, town or city that you walk through you will see different architectural features and tastes. Architecture changes with time just like anything else. As time goes by, new trends occur, new materials become available and designs are changed. Many years ago buildings would have been made from wood and brick and now we are seeing much more glass and steel. Thinking ahead, what are commercial buildings going to look like in years to come? They’ll continue to evolve each year. Take a look at a few of the current trends in architecture…

Taking The Inside Out

Many architectural designs are beginning to incorporate indoor-outdoor living. This new way of architecture opens up individual rooms to allow the inside living to become part of the outside living. Imagine opening your sliding glass doors that lead out onto your patio which is almost an outdoor living area… you are maximising the space and allowing your family to spread throughout different areas of your home. For smaller properties such as flats and apartments utilising a balcony as much as you can will give you extra living space. Especially during the glorious summertime.

Smart Technology

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and many other smart devices have become extremely popular over recent times. They become convenient more than anything and for some it can save them having to carry out a physical action, such as turning the lights on or off or closing the blinds. Plus, as technology has continued to develop now you can even control your heating system in a smart way!

Mixing The Old With The New

There are many homeowners who love their period, characterful property and won’t want to change it. But with children nowadays growing up with technology and all modcons they expect to see that within their home too. To have the best of both worlds keep all of your period home features but integrate different modern features throughout. This could be something as simple as a new tap or kitchen sink when yours need upgrading. You can now get taps that boil water for you minimising the need for a kettle!

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