2021 Architecture trends

This year has been unprecedented for us all and many of us have used this time to plan for the future. Including looking at how architectural trends will define our homes in the New Year. In this blog we discuss just some of the trends set to make a statement in 2021.


As the recent years have gone by, eco-friendly housing solutions has seen an increase with more and more of us resorting to renewable systems. Next year does not set out to be any different with more eco-friendly structures becoming popular. This includes environmental materials such as wood and grass as well as energy solutions that have renewable sources built in.

Old Becomes New

After a surge of new builds 2021 looks back in time with the restoration and development of older buildings. Culture is very important and keeping a touch of history is crucial which is why lots of people are looking to bring back old derelict buildings making them a hub for families alike. Here at William Gray Associates we are industry experts and can assist with any listed or older buildings. Helping bring them back to life whilst keeping their charm.

Smart Thinking

On the other end of the spectrum is a new modern way of thinking looking at making your home entirely smart. This trend has been developing over the past years but due to new technology we could see this becoming the main trend of 2021! A smart home focuses on making everything has accessible as possible. This includes lighting, heating and security.

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