Using BIM To Your Advantage

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and it is the process that allows you to create digital representations of physical and functional characteristic of buildings. BIM is about our experts being able to gather, store and exchange information about construction in the most efficient way. Using a 3D computer model, we can create drawings, specifications and an accurate set of construction documentations.
We Can Show You Your Building Before We Start Building
Using your own device, PC, laptop or tablet, you will be able to see a virtual representation of your project and explore the building on the inside and out, all before we begin any construction work. This is the perfect solution to show your friends and family the dream home or building you are creating. Whether we are creating a house extension or conversion we can provide you with a detailed plan of your property.
What You Will Be Able To See
Using the BIM software, we can show contractors and builder exactly what they are going to be building and the materials they will require. We can cross reference all details, sizes and costs all from an image. Through studying the image with external parties such as contractors, we can minimise the potential confusion when it comes to being onsite.
If you are looking to create a house extension or alteration, conversion or you have a commercial project to undertake, William Gray Associates can help you create your dream home or building. Visit our website or call 01833 650316.