The Newest Architectural Trends

We understand that 2020 has led to a lot of home improvements during the lockdown period. Now that restrictions have been lifted you may have decided to make more changes to your home by hiring professionals. There has been a large amount of new interior trends throughout the year, in this blog we are going to discuss a few of our favourite trends of the year.  

Smart Homes 

Technological changes are always occurring, and people are constantly on the lookout for ways to modernise their home. Using automated systems to control the temperature, lights and security is the most popular way of adding technology into your home. As technology continues to progress, we are sure that there will be many more new features to come in the future!  

Open Plan Spaces 

Integrating different areas of the home to create a dynamic living environment is becoming increasingly popular. This solution is allowing families to benefit from extra space and extend their areas for living. By utilising all of the space available and removing stud walls, light is able to flow through your home. With the help of William Graywe can assess your plans using our architectural knowledge and create sketches in both 2D and 3D format which will show you the design options and how they meet your needs.  


Many homeowners struggle to understand if they would like a modern home or a home with period features. To get the best of both worlds, many more households are combining old with new to give a contemporary feel to the home. It can be difficult to choose a single colour or building material so, choosing both is the next best option. Altering historic listed buildings without formal approval is classed as a criminal offence. With our knowledge of making changes to listed building we can explore the different options that are available to your building.   

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