What Alterations Can Be Made To A Grade II Building?

Some buildings are Grade II listed as they have special historic or architectural interests. This is why at times you are restricted with the alterations you can make to a Grade II listed property. In this blog we’re going to discuss what you can do to a listed building.

There are many buildings that come under the Grade II listing category. Alterations are able to be made to a listed property, it would be much more difficult to make big changes to a Grade I listed property. Generally, you can maintain the property using traditional materials and methods without consent, such as replacing appliances in your kitchen.  You need to bear in mind any Victorian fittings that may be in your bathroom could be part of the listing, you can refresh it with paint but be careful not to peel away any historic layers.

When it comes to your garden you still have to be very careful as a tree could be part of the listing, you wouldn’t always expect a tree to be part of a listing but from time to time it does happen. If there is an old tree that maybe blocks your view or leans, it is likely to be part of the listing as it would have been there for a period of time and you will need consent to remove or repair the tree.

If you wish to extend a listed building, there are multiple guidelines. In previous times instead of having a new build extended to your building you would have to copy the style and build on so that the old blended in with the new seamlessly. However, now you are able to have a divide between old and new so you are able to create an extension out of modern materials so it complements the old and you can see a difference in the buildings.

Here in County Durham there are over 3000 listed buildings, around 3% are Grade I and 5% Grade II.  The majority of the Grade II listed buildings are likely to have special features and that is why they are listed.

Here are William Gray Associates we have a fantastic track record of altering and extended listed buildings. If you own a listed property and would like our help to alter, renovate or extend your building you can contact us by calling 01833 650316 or visit williamgrayassociates.co.uk