Architectural Trends For 2020

As we enter the new decade, we are making our predictions for the next year and what is to come within this industry. Designers are increasingly being forced to rethink the way they build with modern society being so climate change aware, therefore switching to more sustainable materials and equipment. In this blog we will make our guesses for the architectural trends for 2020.


Open spaces

Adaptable open spaces offer you the flexibility to transform any space to whatever your preferences may be at any given time.  As part of this, walls are eliminated to give an open plan appearance to the room, as well as providing more adaptability and flexibility to your home. Previously the kitchen and living room had been the norm, however the open spaces have now been expanded, in some cases to the bedroom. As a result, areas will become multipurpose and will allow you to enjoy more space that was previously lost in your home due to walls.

The bathroom is a space of relaxation

Formerly, the bathroom was dedicated entirely to personal care, however this is fast becoming a recognised place to relax after a long day at work. The bathroom provides an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, with specific designs allowing for a release of tension. New trends opt for light colours such as white allowing a sense of calmness and peace to transmit to the user. It has evolved from a room entirely built for personal use to one that allows someone to find serenity and relaxation when they need it.


Architectural technology is being adapted so that buildings and homes can take full advantage of the natural light and energy source that is given off by the sun. White is becoming an increasingly popular solution when it comes to colours within the home. It reflects all of the light received providing a very appealing aesthetic result when used correctly in a home. In addition, it can be easy to combine with most colours allowing you to be flexible when it comes to designing your home.


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