What Our Design Process Involves

When William Gray Associates work on your building or renovation project, there is a lot of work goes into every detail from start to finish. Whilst the construction part of any project is the most visible for our clients, there is a great deal of thought involved before we reach that point. In this blog we are going to discuss what our design process involves.


Initial Design

When we first start to assess your vision and how we can bring it to life, we will put together a proposal including artist’s impressions of what the end result should look like. This proposal will also include detailed pricing so that you know exactly what you are going to be paying for. At this stage we will usually start to make planning permission applications and health & safety assessments.

Working with an architect like William Gray Associates will no doubt give your project the upper hand. To find out the benefits of working with architects check out our previous blog at https://williamgrayassociates.co.uk/ways-architect-can-benefit-project/

Coordinating Work Of Sub-Contractors

The next step is to work out which parts of the design will require the skills of which sub-contractors, suppliers or other architects in County Durham. We will delegate different works and also consult with the different trade specialists to ensure we are doing certain things in the best possible way.

Final Checks And Preparation

When your project is nearing the start of construction, we will carry out a range of final checks. We will look at the initial budget and advise on whether it is going to be suitable for the work/materials/labour involved. We will then put together final drawings, plans and schedules for all parties to follow throughout the construction stage.


If you are interested in having William Gray Associates work on your building or renovation project, you can contact us by calling 01833 650316 or visit williamgrayassociates.co.uk