How we can Transform your Home in 2019

Now that we’re into a brand-new year, the need for extensions in homes seems to be at an all time high. Families are getting bigger and trends are changing, meaning people across the North East could do with extra space in their home. Whether it’s space that you’d like more of or you simply like the idea of having an ultra-modern extension in your property, we can make your vision a reality. In this blog we will be talking about how we can transform your home in 2019.


Need for Space

One of the key reasons many people want an extension building is an extra need for space in the home. You could opt to simply get the builders in but this wouldn’t provide the best results. Having an experienced architect, such as ourselves, carry out work in your home will ensure your extension delivers premium effectiveness. We will carefully assess the dimensions of the house, using specialist techniques to suit your circumstances and create as much space as possible.

Renovation work

If you live in a house which was built many years ago, it is likely that it is now showing some signs of decay. Another issue with old houses is simply that certain design aspects are sometimes just not fashionable or needed anymore. We can renovate your home to bring a brand-new modern feel to it, whilst maintaining the key features which give it so much character.


If you’ve found that you are happy with the living space in your home but storage has become an issue, we could help you out. We can make both minor and major adjustments to rooms in order to make as much as extra storage space as you need. In certain homes we can even work on the building of a basement below your property. This is one home addition that could change the way you store things in your house forever!


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