How we Deal with Listed Buildings

There are thousands of listed buildings across the UK which are kept close to the heart of communities all over the country. A building which is listed would usually be a structure of significant architectural and historic interest. Being such an old country, we are lucky enough to have a high number of buildings which have been around for many years. In this blog we are going to discuss how we deal with listed buildings.

Extending Listed Buildings

When extending a listed building, we always place a large of focus on taking extra care, due to the sensitivity of the work. We always begin any project of this kind by assessing the building and identifying the features that make it a place of special interest. Any essential repair work will be scheduled first, due to the need for planning permission. After this we can work on the extension of the building, where we work with care to not damage the historic fabric at all.

Modern Changes

While we have a huge amount of respect for the historical aspects of many listed buildings, it is also great to add modern touches to them when given the opportunity. For both logistical, tourism and design reasons, we carry out a lot of renovations to old buildings which are needed. We always create an effective plan to update the building whilst also maintaining its character which has made it so special. We’ve successfully obtained planning permission to build extensions that are either separate from the existing building or linked to it by a small single storey glazed connection.

Local listed Buildings

In County Durham there are over 3,000 listed buildings. 3% of these are designated Grade I meaning they are of exceptional interest. Another 5% are designated Grade II*, particularly important buildings of more than special interest. The majority of listed buildings are Grade II, buildings of special interest. We are extremely proud to be from this area and have the opportunity to work on these highly important buildings regularly.

For more information on how we deal with architectural work on listed buildings, visit our website or call us on 01833 650316.