Our Favourite Architectural Trends

When you are looking to give your home or business premises a face lift, it is likely that you want to make sure that any new additions fit in with the latest architectural trends. While we can complete projects that are both traditional and contemporary, we love to use modern trends to make sure your project is a one that can really impress people. In this blog we are going to share some of our best picks for what’s currently on trend in the world of architecture.

Flexible rooms

For anyone that wants their property to stand the test of time, without having to make major building alterations down the line, a great idea is to incorporate a room that could have multiple uses. Versatility can be key for any room so why not add an extension or convert an existing room to fit a range of purposes. This idea is perfect for anyone with children in their home. Your flexible room could start off as a nursery for your little one, then into a small child’s play room and a games room equipped with consoles when they reach those teenage years.

Accessible designs

Another current trend that can play a huge part in the longevity of a building is the incorporation of accessible designs. These designs aim to include things such as ramps, lifts and overall improved accessibility to accommodate for people with disabilities. This means that your property can be prepared for any eventuality and future circumstances.

Storage spaces

In any property, storage can become an issue if you have a large amount of possessions. A perfect way to tackle this issue is to include extra storage spaces in your building design. A perfect suggestion would be a walk-in wardrobe. While it may seem that having an extra room dedicated to storage could use up valuable space, it will contribute hugely to clearing space through removing clutter throughout the property.


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