Home Renovation Richmond – Common Mistakes That Are Made When Renovating your House

Quite often when people are thinking of renovating their property, they think it is going to be a simple and an easy job that they can partially do on their own without the assistance of a professional. As experienced architects in the North East, we can provide you with a professional home renovation Richmond, North Yorkshire and other surrounding areas. Over the years we have seen many people make some common mistakes and in this blog we are going to provide you with our tips for what not to do when you are in the process of renovating your home or planning a renovation project.

Unrealistic Budgets

There is always a degree of the unknown in renovating a building and what is concealed and lurks behind the walls is generally unknown until work is underway and there are trades people on site. For example, there could be an asbestos lined flue or an infilled well, believe us- we have come across both! You should allow an extra 20% over your original budget for unexpected findings as they can quite often be costly.

Take a look at a project our team worked on in an older house. An old partition has been transformed into a concealing flight of stairs, opening up the space, allowing more room for storage and the room is completely able to flow.

Home Renovation Richmond - William Gray Associates            Home Renovation Richmond - William Gray Associates

Not Knowing The Correct Measurements

Once you know the size of your furniture such as dining room table, sofas, beds etc… you always need to have them noted down and with you as there may be a time you see an item that you love and you won’t know what the maximum size it can be or if it will fit in the dedicated area. Be sure to write down maximum widths too as your purchase needs to be able to fit through the front door. You wouldn’t believe how often this is overlooked and people don’t think they need it.

Trying To Be Your Own General Contractor

If you know the basics or what your end goal is, this isn’t always quite enough. If you were trying to take out a wall you would need expert advice to ensure you were allowed to take it out and that it is not a load bearing wall.  Having an experienced, qualified contractor telling you what you can remove and what you can’t minimise the risk of any incorrect walls being taken down and prevent any damage to the structure of the building.

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