Planning Permission Laws And How They Have Changed

Did you know that in July 2020 there were new planning rules which allowed families to add two storey extensions to their home without full planning permission? When looking to extend your home it can be a minefield if you are having to negotiate with neighbours as they may have objections, however with a new planning law this could be a thing of the past and it could become much easier to extend your home.

This new planning law came into effect in September 2020 and has been very successful ever since. The plans have allowed families to add up to two storeys WITHOUT full planning permission- this means they can fast track the process and not be held up by local councils who are in the process of approving the planning permission.

With not having to apply for full planning permission, homeowners need to still comply with all building regulations and consider the impact their build may have on neighbours and also the appearance of the extension. Despite, full planning permission not having to be granted, the local council will still consult neighbours to see their view and thoughts on the proposed work.

Even though your neighbours will not be able to block and stop your planning permission from going through, we recommend you still keep them in the loop and keep them informed of any building work that is going to be taking place.

These new changes will help to transform old, boarded up, abandoned homes into quality houses in the heart of communities and provide space for a families to start a new chapter and make a house completely their own home.

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