Different Architectural Consultants

The majority of small domestic projects don’t require a consultant. However, due to some recent changes to planning and environmental requirements, specialist advice from consultants may be necessary at additional cost to the project. Below, we have outlined a number of different consultants that you may need to consider hiring.

Structural Engineer

If there is any steel work involved in your build or large openings you may require the services of a structural engineer. If you were in need if a consultant, our team would brief them with details on what is required for the project. The engineer we choose will then contact the client with their fee proposal. If the proposal is accepted the engineer would size and provide the requisite calculations for approval under building regulations.

Party Wall Surveyors

Did you know that there is a Party Wall Act? It was originated in London and there are often disputes between owners of adjoining properties. The act allows Party Wall Surveys to have the final say when there is an ongoing dispute between neighbours. We would recommend you discuss any intended proposals with your neighbours to bring it to their attention before making any planning applications.

Ecological Survey

Local planning authorities often require a bat survey to be submitted for conversion projects (usually on older farm projects). Sometimes other surveys such as newt surveys may be required if there is a pond or water nearby. Ecological surveys are carried out by specialists, and we will recommend the best consultant for you. When carrying out ecological surveys, they need to be planned carefully as they can only be done at certain times of the year. Outside the survey season an expert might be able to determine whether bats are present or not.

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