Exploring World Architectural Styles

When it comes to architecture, there are more different styles around the world than you could possible ever think of. Here at William Gray associates, we are proud to carry out the architecture of some stunning structures and we have a keen interest in the many different forms of buildings throughout history. In this blog we are going to be exploring some of our favourite world architectural styles.


The Renaissance style originated in Italy during the 15th Century. Influenced by classical styles, the designs were intended to reflect the elegance and ideals of domestic life and clues were taken from the Roman ruins. This style typically includes square buildings, flat ceilings, arches and domes. Roman-type columns can also be seen with structures of the renaissance.


Islamic architecture is one of the most unique types in the world and originally comes from Muslim-majority countries or lands conquered by Muslims during the Middle Ages. You can find mosques, public buildings and palaces all around the world with this grand style. Domes are often the main feature which catches the eye. Whilst beautiful decorative details use Arab design elements. Minarets are also found regularly beside mosques. This is a spire or tower-like structure featuring small windows and an enclosed staircase. It is one of the oldest elements of Islamic architecture.


Around Barcelona and also around Europe you can find buildings designed by the great Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi introduced Spain to the Art Nouveau style which was ground-breaking at the time. The Catalan artist’s structures are well known for their stylish aesthetic using non-conformist methods. The most well-known of his projects is the la Sagrada Família, which has towered over Barcelona for 135 years. In 1883, Gaudí became involved with the project, which he would work on until his death in 1926.

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