Ways to Allow More Sunlight into a Building

When planning the architecture of a building or refurbishments to an existing property, sunlight is often one factor which should always be considered. Bringing more light into the home can act as a design feature in itself, with a much brighter aesthetic obvious for people when they walk into the property. Sunlight can also improve energy efficiency, providing warmth when it is needed most. In this blog we are going to be talking about some great ways in which sunlight can be allowed into a property.


Roof features such as skylights or roof lanterns are great for letting light in from directly above. This type of feature is perfect for more traditional schemes and whilst they fill a space with natural daylight, they can also add real drama and height to the interior of the room. You can find some stunning skylight designs which can become a design focal point in your home.

Internal Glazing

Windows don’t always have to be on the exterior of the building! Internal glazing adds a unique design element to your home whilst borrowing light from another room. Windows which link one room to another like this can also make the interior of the building seem much larger. With an internal window, light will be able to pass through your home smoothly.

Double-Height Spaces

Introducing a double height space to a building can really create a much more open feel to the interior and also ensure there is no corner without light! A great example of this technique being used is with a hallway and galleried landing. This will allow you to poach light from the floor above.

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