Our Guide to Barn Conversions

Around the country old barns lay dormant, having not been in use for many years. These neglected spaces can however create a real opportunity for anyone who has a love for the countryside. If you’ve always dreamt of a life in the peaceful country, a barn conversion could be the town life escape you’ve always wanted. In this blog we are going to be offering our guide to barn conversions.

Open plan 

Whilst it is always temping to make large structural layout changes, the natural space which comes with a barn can be incredibly useful. If you have a large family, you may want to consider an open plan barn conversion. The exposed original rustic oak beams can also create a beautiful aesthetic and a way of remembering where your barn has come from!


If you want to further enhance the traditional feel, why not go all out and have wooden window frames installed to provide that real classic look. Another great idea is to incorporate a large spacious driveway. This re-enforces the building’s imposing appearance and means anyone arriving to visit you will be impressed by the real wow factor.


Just because a barn has been in place for many years, doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into a stunning modern piece of architecture. The addition of large glass windows can offer elegance, also brightening up the interior with natural sunlight. A landscaped garden can also increase the style outside of your conversion and a centrepiece fountain is a great way to finish it off.

Here at William Gray Associates we can be with you every step of the way on your barn conversion journey. Whether it’s major structural changes or helping to source tradesmen for the different work needed, we have you covered. For more information call us on 01833 650316 or visit williamgrayassociates.co.uk